Zarja Elektronika has identified and defined common values that guide all the employees and form a part of the organizational culture of the company, representing the foundation of the company’s mission, vision and strategy.

Achieving, providing and constantly improving technical solutions and their reliability represent the basic principle of the company aiming for excellence in the implementation of technical security services. Excellence in technical solutions, and thus the safety of people and property, is the most important of the company’s values.
In performing our activity we wish to be a reliable and trustworthy partner for our clients, partners and the general community.
A responsible attitude of our staff towards the implementation of technical security services is intended to provide continuous and effective protection of people, property and assets.
Through constant education and further training we strive for continuous personal and professional growth of an individual. We aspire to raise the level of general, technical and specialized knowledge of the employees. We promote a humane attitude towards work and the people in the work processes and train them to be able to adapt quickly to change.
Regarding the socially responsible reactions to the ideas, wishes and needs of our clients. We are able to tackle any challenge. Flexible solutions and swift responsiveness allow us to justify the expectations of our clients.
Achieved through competence, knowledge, diligence, accuracy, conscientious and responsible fulfilment of high standards in performing work processes.
Through trusting, sincere, impartial, fair and friendly attitude towards clients, partners and employees. Good and open human relations alone allow for the successful combination of business success and the company’s core mission.
Achieved through interdependent, proactive and synergistic cooperation with colleagues, partners and clients. Together we are always looking for new ways to satisfy our clients.