Zarja Access Compact is an access control solution for smaller buildings. Although simple, it is a complete solution for private and professional use. Efficient and easy to install hardware is combined with versatile and user-friendly software. Zarja Access Compact is the ideal solution for family houses, apartment blocks, small businesses and industrial facilities.

It’s also a safe long-term investment, which can grow together with the users’ requirements. Zarja Access Compact is fully compatible with other equipment of the Zarja Access family. This gives the user the option of including/expanding the Zarja Access Compact system into a larger Zarja Access system.



Control unit

Zarja Access Compact‘s control unit represents the core of the system. It is a small and versatile unit which can control of up to eight doors. The unit’s housing is the standard double DIN module, which can be installed into any existing DIN compatible casing with rails, or into a separate housing. For simpler installation and diagnostics, the front panel of the module includes LED’ indicators which provide information about errors, power supply and the status of input/output signals. PoE (Power over Ethernet) version of Zarja Access Compact is the smallest version of the control unit. PoE control switch provides not only the communication channel, but also functions as the unit’s power supply. Due to its power limitations, it can only provide enough energy for one door, limiting its use to applications in which input/output is limited to one door only. Power supply, communication line (TCP/IP or IEEE 485) and peripherals (RFID readers and electric locks) are connected directly to the control unit with high quality connectors. There are several versions of Zarja Access Compact control units available to cover different needs and requirements of the users. They differ in the following characteristics:

  • power supply source (standard 12V or 24V power supply or PoE – Power over Ethernet),
  • type of the communication interface (Ethernet, WiFi, or IEEE 485),
  • number and type of digital output lines.

If standard power supply is used, any Zarja Access Compact control unit can control up to eight doors. Depending on the version of the unit, two to four doors may be controlled using the module’s digital outputs. If additional doors are required, they can be connected to the digital outputs of Zarja Access readers, or additional I/O modules can also be used.

Zarja Access Compact control units use the TCP/IP communication channel. Units using IEEE485 communication are intended primarily as a replacement for existing, older access control systems.

I/O modules

Different I/O modules are available to cater to different requirements for additional inputs and outputs: module with four inputs and four outputs (4x input/4x output), module with eight outputs and module with eight inputs.

RFID readers

All readers from the Zarja Access family can be used. V-I-moduli



With a single control unit

This is the simplest version of the Zarja Access Compact system. The system is comprised of one Zarja Access control unit, which can control up to eight doors (or one door if a PoE control unit is used). The control unit contains all the necessary software for operation, management, and configuration. Management is carried out entirely using an internet browser on your PC or tablet (iPad or Android). There’s no need for additional software on a separate computer.

Multiple control units

If the requirements are such, a system with more control units can be planned. Control units are connected into a TCP/IP network, which uses a hardwired or WiFi connection. Proprietary software which enables operation, management and configuration of the system with multiple units – Zarja Access Manager with an MS SQL database – must be installed on a separate PC server.

Classic serial RS-485

Classic topology is used when you need to upgrade an existing “classic” access control system based on RS-485 communication. A RS 485 bus can be connected to a PC server either directly or via a TCP/IP network (RS-485 converter). Proprietary software Zarja Access Manager with an MS SQL database must be installed on the server (similar to a system with multiple control units).




Zarja Access WEB

Zarja Access WEB is a compact WEB based application which provides an intuitive way to configure, manage and operate the Zarja Access Compact system with a single control unit.
Zarja Access WEB

Zarja Access WEB software advantages:

  • customizable access control (who, when, where) with one control unit,
  • simple user structure,
  • comprehensive WEB client application.

Zarja Access MANAGER

Zarja Access Manager is a powerful software tool for configuration and management of Zarja Access systems with multiple control units. The software must be installed on a separate Windows PC server, which uses an MS SQL database.

Zarja Access Manager software advantages:

  • customisable access control (who, when, where),
  • user friendly time registration,
  • automatic hardware recognition,
  • multi-level user structure,
  • thick client (PC application) for administrators,
  • thin client (limited web application) for end users,
  • simple data import/export,
  • automatic reporting using an event reporting module,
  • automatic announcements using an alarm module,
  • Integration of IP-cameras (simple CNS floor plan, virtual intercom control, photo-triggered events,
  • automatic number plate recognition),
  • zones,
  • multilingual support.