• Where are the keys? Did I leave them in my coat, work trousers, overall?
  • Who took the keys and when will they bring them back?
  • Who was the last person to use the keys and what if the keys got lost?
  • Who has access to the keys in general?
ProxSafe - ključ

Does this sound familiar?

The proxSafe keys management system eliminates all the above questions by offering complete control over your keys at any given moment.

Access to the ProxSafe System

Access to the ProxSafe System

Despite the information age, available mobile computing technologies and advanced applications, the use of a mechanical lock with the key is in the majority of cases still the most prevalent and important security factor in private, business and working environments. Keys and access management therefore requires a lot of care and attention. Locks restrict access to many areas and premises with confidential, important, valuable or dangerous contents where unauthorized access can cause significant loss of property or business. In any case, access to the keys means access to areas with stored content. Lost, missing or stolen keys cause a lot of worries, present a security risk and lead to unnecessary high costs (replacement of keys and locks).

Restricting access and preventing misuse

Although the possibility of misusing the keys cannot be completely avoided, access can be restricted and the likelihood of such an event thus greatly reduced. This may be done by using the following three methods: the locking system (reducing the number of keys and increasing the number of doors that these keys unlock; if the keys are managed improperly, the risk may be even greater), the access control system (replacing the entire system: replacement of mechanical locks with electronic locks, installation of readers and steering-control units, use of identity cards), and the safety storage of mechanical keys in electronic lockers that enable the following functionality:

  • The keys are kept in a secure locker where any attempt to break in triggers an alarm.
  • The employees do not keep the keys but store them in the working environment after use so that the keys are available even during their absence.
  • Access to the keys is possible with the use of identification cards or personal numeric codes.
  • The locker can be opened only by persons who are authorized to use the keys during a defined time period.
  • The keys in the locker are arranged randomly and without any visible marks so that they can not be identified, which is an additional element of security.
  • If the key is not in the locker, it is evident who has it.
  • A data history is kept for each key revealing the identity of the user, the time of removing the key from the locker and the time of returning it.
  • If the key is not returned to the locker at a given time, this can trigger an alarm.

The keys management system can be used for/in/at:

  • Vehicle fleets (cars, trucks, rental cars, working machinery etc.)
    Key locker with identification and management terminal

    Key locker with identification and management terminal

  • Doors with no access control
  • Classrooms (all keys are kept in the teachers’ staff room, teachers return the keys to the locker after the end of their lessons)
  • Sports facilities (locker rooms, dressing rooms, studies)
  • Shopping centres
  • Maintenance services
  • Health care facilities
  • Institutions for elderly care
  • Entertainment centres and casinos
  • Hotels and holiday facilities
  • Ships for various purposes

The proxSafe system is used in small, medium-sized and large businesses (with respect to their size), and has also become prominent in national administration, at various ministries and in the army and the police.

It is recommended where access to the keys and their use needs to be organized and limited, where data on access to and return of the keys needs to be stored, and where specific keys need to be tracked at any given moment.

Main benefits of the proxSafe system:

  • The mechanical keys are always kept in-house and not elsewhere.
  • Individual keys may be accessed only by an authorized person/group with access rights.
  • Keeping track of the following information: who took the keys, when were the keys were taken over and who has them at any given moment.
  • Being informed in the event that specific keys were not returned to their place at the specified time.
  • The use of the keys at any given moment may be checked at any time.
ProxSafe - row of key lockers

ProxSafe – row of key lockers

The functionality range of the proxSafe system is very wide. This system may be used for daily office/warehouse/workshop/plant/auxiliary room etc. keys management, or for storing spare keys or special keys which are used less frequently (i.e. vehicle fleet keys etc.). The system allows precise management of keys outside office hours. It depends on the size of the system, however secure keys storage in electronic lockers is at least several times cheaper than the access control system. The proxSafe system electronic lockers offer secure storage for eight to several hundred or even up to a thousand keys (standard lockers: 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 384 keys) and can be functionally interconnected. They are robust, reliable, easy to use and require no maintenance.

The system is not only intended for storing keys but can be also upgraded with the mechanical safety lockers for storing large or small items of different value which need to be monitored at all times (laptops, mobile phones, important documents, identity cards and privileges, weapons, money etc.). System access is possible with a personal code and an identification media, however the keys being returned must also be registered to ensure proper system guidance.

Basic components of the proxSafe system:

Standard anti-theft lockers for storing keys (8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 384) which can be combined in any number and linked into a single system. Simple connectivity and management of units enable great flexibility, which makes the system adaptable to the needs of each customer.

The Prox illuminated plug cylinders and the automatic roller shutter provide the keys storage system with a high level of mechanical security enhanced by electronic key access restriction.

RFID Technology

RFID Technology

Communication terminal stores information about users, keys and access rights (privileges). User identification is carried out through the use of an identification card or a PIN code–or both (the highest level of security).

It also enables short key return times without the use of buttons. You simply approach the terminal with the keys that were taken out and the system opens the roller shutter and indicates where to insert the key via a light mark (illumination).

Modular system for storing objects (the system for storing keys can be enhanced/upgraded with item storage hardware) is intended for controlled storage of larger or smaller items. Three different modules (compartment for large items, compartments for small items, compartment for storing keys) can be combined into different cabinets available for 10, 16, or 32 modules.

Key ring is designed to be easily inserted into the locker.

Keychain with keys and a sealed ring - ProxSafe System

Keychain with keys and a sealed ring – ProxSafe System

Its reliable wireless RFID technology enables communication with the terminal. It has an ergonomic, robust, sealed and waterproof design. The key ring includes a special ring which prevents adding/removing any keys and serves as a lock. The rings come in different sizes and shapes and are attached to a RFID key ring with the use of special tongs (can be reused).

Advanced software features a number of settings, control, management, privileges and restrictions. In addition, multi user authorization may be used for accessing a particular storage compartment or individual keys:

  • Management – Defining access and rights in connection with keys
  • Status – Review of the entire keys system: who has the keys and when were the keys taken (history)
  • Reports – Event history overview by various criteria is always available
  • Control – Monitoring the return/removal of the keys
  • Alarm – The option of intervention at unauthorized events (physical damage attempt, non-return of the keys in due time)

Main features of the proxSafe system

  • Efficient and cost-effective access control solution
  • Restricted access to keys and reduced misuse risk
  • Complete control over the use of keys, support for the logistics function
  • History of the use of the keys for additional monitoring of business processes
  • Order, transparency and work process optimization
  • Remote management and control
  • Less trouble for employees
  • Secure storage for eight to several hundred keys, upgrade option for the protection and storage of work items (documents, authorization forms, personal computers, portable media, service weapons etc.).
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