zvoneFor a modern hotel access system ensuring the safety of the guests is not sufficient; it also has to be simple, handy and discrete. The Zarja hotel system is based on the established access control technology and uses the RFID card identification. The entire system is very easy to use, both for the guests and the hotel staff. The use of RDIF (“Radio Frequency IDentification”) access technology of electronic cards offers the guests a wide array of possibilities: a safe, reliable and flexible access to their rooms and other hotel areas (the option of advance authorisation of cards, the issuing of several cards for family members, the presence/attendance of guests). In the case of abuse of loss of a card, the access authorisation can also be immediately revoked.


The Zarja Hotel System is compatible with various information and technical security systems, which are indispensable in a modern hotel. The compatibility with hotel (HIS), sales (POS), fire and technical security systems is accessible in the basic version of the Zarja Hotel System*. Electronic RFID access cards are made and programmed in a way which allows the user access or identification within the entire facility with one single card (“one card fits all”.) A guest can thus use one single card to enter the room, and also the other hotel areas and facilities (sauna, fitness, wellness, swimming pool, car park, casino…). The same card can also be used to confirm various payments and carry out purchases, which are then collected on the final bill for the hotel stay. *The database for the Zarja Hotel System must be installed on one of the network computers.